Air Fx 

About Us

SA Fireworks has been providing dazzling Special Effects in AirFx Displays In Australia.

Would you like to create that special touch to your event?

Adding Air Fx special effects can create an experience unlike any other for your audience while highlighting and elevating your branding and corporate message.

The company has invested in the best technology & software, resulting in large scale fully automatic special effects systems that can customise and bring any special effects experience that the customer wishes to perform to fulfilment.

Power Shots

Compact shot unit to fire electric confetti and streamer cannons. The POWER SHOT can be placed on stages by using the MAGICFX® BASEPLATE I, or it can be mounted in trusses.

Very quickly, cannons will be fired when the power is switched ON.

Confetti Blowers

Large CO2-powered confetti blaster with a massive output designed for big concerts, stadiums and festivals.

Blows 10 kg confetti per minute up to 25 meters high.

Controllable by DMX, no operator needed.

Pyrotechnic Finale

So, no matter the event, occasion, or budget requirements, our team at SA Fireworks have the passion and enthusiasm in brings your dream to a reality creating a lasting memory for all those attending the event.

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